NCA to Regularise Electronic Equipment – NCA

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 Story by Dennis Asare

The National Communication Authority (NCA) has held a workshop to address the media on the proposed Draft Regulations, which was first held at the Volta and Western respectively.

Addressing the media, a Senior Engineer with the National Communications Authority (NCA) Mr. Isaac Boateng stated that the purpose of this workshop is to educate various stakeholders on the technical aspects of the Draft Type Approval Regulations which will enable the Authority to review the document.

NCA’s roles are to protect consumers within the Communications environment and this is done by ensuring that all electronic equipment that connects to any network in the country is of the right health and technical standards.

He said that the main goal of the approval is to ensure that all radio Communication and telecommunication equipment used in our country comply with international standards that are applicable here. The approval of equipment also ensures, amongst other considerations that no substandard equipment, capable of presenting health and safety hazards to consumers in general, are operated in this country. We also urged all stakeholders to continue abiding by the existing guidelines until the draft Regulation is passed.

“The NCA has been mandated to regularize the importation of communication equipment into the country and that is actually in our act. But our act is broad, so we have lifted that part and drafting a regulation out of it to determine the do’s and don’t and stakeholders such as dealers, network operators and consumers”, he said.

He added that this is to ensure compliance with the law, as it is an offense for anyone to use, sell, offer for sale or connect any telecommunications equipment that is not authorized to be used in the country after the law is passed, there will be sanctions by imprisonment sentence.

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