5th Ghana – Togo Meeting on Maritime Boundary Negotiation

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Ghana and Togo have held their 5th maritime boundary negotiation in Accra today to settle amicably where the marine boundaries of the two countries lye.  

Addressing the media Hon Yaw Osafo Marfo senior minister stated that it has come a long way in their quest to enhance their mutual interest for the benefit of the two countries. This process commenced on the initiative of our two Presidents desiring that the good neighborliness and the peaceful coexistence between our two countries should be the framework and basis on which this entire process should be found, the underlying principle is to derive an equitable outcome that is grounded in international law utilizing all the established principles governing matters of this nature. “We are hoping that we can amicably have a settlement on where to place the boundaries. But if we are not able to resolve the issue amicably and placed the boundary where it had always been since 1929, then we will have to go for arbitration just as it happened between Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire”, Mr. Yaw Osafo Marfo said.

He emphasised that Ghana views these processes as essential in ensuring that the interests of our two countries are protected and optimized whilst negotiations for the formal delimitation of the maritime boundary continue.

He added that the parties should consider the fraternal relationship among our common peoples and the existing economic activities to reach an agreement based on negotiation in good faith in these two days meeting but don’t also believe the Togolese delegation will comply or agree to this negotiation.


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