A New Candidate in Akwasi Afrifa-Mensa

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Ladies and gentlemen of Amasaman, the wind of change that blew in Amasaman yesterday which saw Emmanuel Nii Okai Laryea, NDC MP for the constituency heavily defeated, should tell we in the NPP that it is time to elect Akwasi Afrifa-Mensa to right the wrongs in Amasaman.

NPP’s win of the Amasaman seat in 2020 will be based on fielding a formidable, competent, God-fearing, dynamic, versatile and a blameless candidate in the person of Akwasi Afrifa-Mensa.

It will be politically suicidal for Amasaman NPP delegates to present a two-timer who has shown gross incompetence in his line of duty as the president’s representative in the municipality in the last two and a half years.

We need a new face just like the NDC has done as this will enable both start on a clean sheet. The advantages therein is that our new candidate,  Afrifa-Mensa will have the goodwill of the people because he has not “stepped on toes” as the two-timer has done across the constituency which has creating disaffection and apathy within the rank and file of the party. 

The bitter lessons of 2008 elections is enough precedence to guide us. Out of the over 60 MMDCEs the NPP presented, only 5 won their seats.(yes, you read me right )!!

It’s only political neophytes who will continue to propound the argument of a supposed 124 vote difference in the last elections. The Tema East debacle of 2012 & 2016 parliamentary elections is there for all students of politics. Mr. Kempes Ofosu-Ware (NDC) contested with Hon. Titus Glover (NPP) in 2012. Hon. Titus Glover won by 3 votes(just 3), Mr. John Mahama then as president appointed Kempes Ofosu-Ware as the *Metropolitan Chief Executive for Tema with the hope that his position as an MCE would have helped him unseat Titus in 2016. WHAT HAPPENED?

Ladies and gentlemen, NDC delegates in Tema East cursed that day they elected Kempes Ofosu-Ware as their PC to re-contest Titus-Glover in 2016 because they were beaten to pulp.

The results are as follows ;

Titus-Glover= 31,782[52.86%]

Kempes Ofosu-Ware=27,757[46.13%]

Vote difference=4,025[6.76%]

Distinguished delegates, precedence is a KEY factor that is and must never be downplayed.

Our opponents in Amasaman having seen the competence in Afrifa-Mensa have hence resorted to using mushroom newspapers and online portals to cause malicious publications geared towards assassinating the character of Afrifa-Mensa.

Let it be known to those misguided elements, that we-FOAM, are unperturbed by such evil-mindedness as they will soon be exposed! We know that Amasaman delegates are very discerning and would not fall for such a crude, diabolic and populist style of politicking. 

Please make no mistake, vote massively for Akwasi Afrifa-Mensa to deliver the Amasaman seat for the NPP. Be part of the winning team.

Long live FOAM, long live Amasaman NPP. 




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