GRA Seizes Unstamped Products

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The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has seized carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages that have not been affixed with excise tax stamps. The products are mostly imported – Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Canada Dry, Heineken, Red And Black Label and several others.

Kwaku Apau Anto, Head of Excise, GRA, told and other media personnel present at the Accra Business District area, that the GRA would continue to seize products that manufacturers and importers had fail to affix stamps to. He indicated that the inspection exercise was actually to educate the traders on how to authenticate the tax stamps on the products with the use of an App that was launched recently.

However, to his surprise, some traders still had wares that had not been affixed with the stamps. He wondered why importers especially, are being recalcitrant to adhere to the law, meanwhile, the stamps play a double role of ensuring consumer safety, as well as protecting taxes for the state.

According to him, the team had visited those traders and wholesalers selling the unfixed stamp products several times to sensitise them on the importance of the tax stamps, but they failed to adhere to those notifications.

“We have been here before. We thought we are just coming to undertake some sensitisation for them, but we have come to meet some of the products without stamps,” he surprisingly said.

He continued that it was illegal for anyone to sell products such carbonated drinks, mineral water and alcoholic beverages without the tax stamp affixed to it, hence, the GRA would not hesitate to seize such products.

To compound the problem, other seized items were improperly affixed, thus, they were either with a volume lower or higher than what the law required. He added that the GRA would continue to educate the public on the importance of the tax stamps.

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