Just Wipe-it


There is nothing worse than getting home from a long day’s work to find an unmade bed, a bam of dishes and lots of disorganized stuff
Sometimes you need a little help. 
Sometimes you need us. 
You need WIPE-IT Cleaning Services
Hi, We are here to provide you with talented and experienced cleaning Services. We make sure we work our magic on your home and offices while you go about your duties with no Hustle. 
We are happy to help, so don’t be surprised to find our team singing or whistling while they work. 
We will polish your bathrooms🚿 and your windows, scrap your dishes and your floors, we’ll make your bed🛏 and your day. 
Give us a list🗒of what need to be done and we will take care of it squeaky clean. 
DON’T WAIT!!! Your house 🏠 is begging to receive our loving touch. So, get in touch today for a quote. 
Call 0244220245/0551069506


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