Maintaining or Changing An MP The Prerogative Of The Constituents


The VIGILANTE’S episode

The Chief Director of Parliamentary affairs of the Republic of Ghana in a statement issued not long ago, that his outfit is doing everything possible to maintain experienced members in future primaries following the falling of some nine MPS during the NDC parliamentary primaries.

The statement according to the director is intended to strengthen the institution being the second arm of Government, which role in governance is not only to make laws to govern the people, but also to serve as an oversight committee in the day to day activities of Government as well.

Of course, the statement also follows plans by the NPP caucus in Parliament to protect sitting MPS through the amendment of the party’s Constitution.

Has it ever occurred to those who want to protect their interest why the drafters of the Constitution gave constituents the absolute power to present their representative to Parliament? Of course, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The VIGILANTE hopes the Parliamentary affairs is not up to draft a new Constitution? Power by the people, for the people and to the people.

The VIGILANTE would like to refer the legislatures to go for refreshers courses to remind themselves that nowhere in the Constitution, they claim to be dining with states that Parliament is for experienced and knowledgeable personalities. One of the reasons why we have thousands of unemployed youths in our system. Experience. No one was born with experience resting in him or her. Even talents are developed.

Where did these experienced Parliamentarians acquire their experience in parliament from? The director should have known better that power belongs to the people and rather be advising experienced Parliamentarians to do their homework in their constituents. The statement is rather an indictment on the kingmakers. Else the Constitution should be amended.

The VIGILANTE sides with Hon Kennedy Akompreko Agyapong, “if you have worked, your people will bring you back to parliament”. The journey to parliament begins at the Constituencies and so must MPS be made accountable to the constituents and not to parliament or to the parliamentary affairs directorate. The people’s voice must not be intimidated.

To MAINTAIN or CHANGE an MP is the prerogative of the CONSTITUENTS


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