‭JM Is Politically Knowledge Bankrupt (Part 1)

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(A manual only comes from the manufacturer)

JM and his NDC have started their political propaganda tactics again. They succeeded in playing these tricks on the innocent poor and easily forgetful few Ghanaians sometime past, but not this time again. We are not forgetful as he thinks.

NPP will go from constituency to constituency, town to town, village to village, and community to community to remind those who might have forgotten the made of JM and the NDC. We will continue to provide and serve Ghanaians with 1D1F, 1V1D, RFJ, NABco, Free SHS, NHIS, Allowances, Better Decentralisation, Rejuvenate the dead Rail Transport system and Housing facilities etc.

We gave you eight years opportunity to rule the country, empowered you with all the resources, but you decided to mismanage our economy, denied the very people the fair share of the cake, no initiative at all.This must tell Ghanaians that he is “knowledge bankrupt politically”. He only wants power for his selfish gains.

I will challenge JM and NDC to tell Ghanaians what ‘new thing’ are they capable of bringing to the table.
You can’t tell me, you are coming to do what the NPP is doing but in another way. “It is always better to have the manufacturer to give you his manual than another company proposing a manual to something it didn’t manufacture”

Go and find out from the fake pastors, they will tell you they have almost exhausted the evil strategy they play on the people. This faked self crafted acting will not wash. You scrapped off teachers and nurses allowances and now you organise some few NDC party supporters to stage craft that “JM we are sorry”. What a duty, unreasonable and cheap propaganda politics. Even if they are not getting paid timely, they are better of than NDC who completely denied them their fair share of the national cake in the form of allowance.

Why is it that NDC like copying strategies to counter NPP’s architectural initiatives only to mess-up and bring disgrace to themselves? Just compare these two stage performance and you will know which one is natural and depicts the truth on the ground. (See these two videos below).The NDC should tell Ghanaians what exactly ‘new’ they will be doing and that “ntowa-towa”.

When Kufour and NPP said they were going to bring NHIS, they did it, only for NDC to tell us they will rather add value by making it “one time payment /premium ” and some people bought into the idea. You and I attested to the fact that it was a day-dreaming, unrealistic vision (No.1 Knowledge Bankruptcy).

When Kufour and NPP told us they would take Ghana to HIPIC to save the financial crack down of the economy and redeem us. They executed it to perfection for JM and NDC to take us back to IMF and their stringent measures, (No.2 Knowledge Bankruptcy).

Today, we have been redeemed again by the able Visionaries of His Excellency Nana Addo and Dr. Bawumia. Things are getting better day after day. We see there is future for this country because the vision of the NPP government is clearly defined, though there will be some challenges, the road map to the success land is known to all. 《TBC》👇
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