NSS WAHALA: “Rejected Personnel” Still Stranded”

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Story by Dominic Ghansah

Some National Service personnel posted for 2019/2020 service year to state institutions from some public tertiary institutions are still stranded over where to offer their one-year mandatory service to the state.

This comes as a result of inability of some heads of state institutions to accept the personnel work for the one-year duration. 

Reasons given by some heads are that there is no vacancy for the personnel, while others are of the view that, the personnel’s services are not needed in the said institution hence the need to go for re-posting.

Some Regional Directors also gave the excuse that, the user agency acceptance form of the personnel are to be sent to their head office at Accra for endorsement so the head office is responsible for the endorsed meanwhile on the form, the indication is that it is to be endorsed by either Head of Department (HOD) or the Supervisor of the institution in the region or district the individual has been posted. 

Some frustrated personnel spoken to, have expressed disappointment in state institutions and the whole system of how porous everything has become adding that the heads are doing something fishy to favor their favorites. 

According to Emmanuel Gameli Dovia, he did Bachelor of Arts in communication studies and posted to National Communications Authorities, Ho office, but I was turn down with other colleagues from same institution (Ghana institute of Journalism).

“I was told initially that my form will be sent to Accra for signing but for them to delay me for more than two weeks before calling me to come for my rejected form and on the form, Ho office stamp was issued together with their signature. If they knew they won’t take me, why the delay” Emmanuel added  

“I now have to be going from one state institution to the other to see if they will accept me and till now I don’t know my fate” one service personnel also lamented 

Another service personnel said, “If this is not a mandatory service, I wouldn’t be wasting my time in this kind of frustration. I did not post myself here but I don’t know why I shouldn’t be accepted. I think this is my field because I studied the related course in school”. 

“We are supposed to report at post on September 1 but today is September 2, and I still did not know what to do. I am confused right now. This is not employment I’m seeking for. It is just a one year service. Now that State institutions are rejecting us, what will be of private ones?” 

“A colleague told me he faced the same problem last year. I think state institutional heads should apply to National Service Secretariat if they need some specific number and type of students to save us from this wahala. They shouldn’t wait for me to go to submit my form before they will be telling me they don’t need my service. Did I post myself there?” 

Some are of the view that these institutional heads are trying to make the National Service Scheme secretariat and the government unpopular but they think this has nothing to do with politics. 

“This is Ghana for you, if you follow this case, these heads will deny all these. The national service has a database so they should provide the statistics to authorities to invite all heads and query them why they rejected personnel that are supposed to be in their firm but he/she is reposted. This is simple. We work with data so I don’t see any big deal in calling these head to order because, with this, National Service has no FUTURE. They are denying students their rights. So in Ghana, nothing works?”

Meanwhile, Investigations conducted reveals that these situation has been surfacing for some years now but it seems no one is ready to voice it out for it to be addressed leaving personnel to swallow the pill in pain. 

Search conducted also revealed that some personnel in the Volta Region for instance have not reported at their post as at September 2 due to this development. 

The stranded personnel are therefore calling on the Secretariat as well as Government to call these heads of state institutions to order or scrapped off the National Service Scheme entirely from our laws if the exercise has outlived its relevance.


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