The Silence of Good People Gives Way To Criminality

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I think once the chief of Buduburam has given his consent to the demolition of the Liberia Camp which house all sort of criminals, we shouldn’t waste time in doing so. I quite remember the action of the military at Denkyira-Obuasi after the killing of Maj. Mahama (may his soul rest in peace) has brought sanity in the town. I suggest it is time we engage the military to conduct intensive swoops in that area which has become a key flush point in Ghana. 

The need to unsettle criminals in our communities to make sure they don’t regroup is critical. It is important we create a military-police command unit to handle cases of armed robbery as adhoc measures to eradicate the growing insecurity of the security personnel. (Who watches the watchman). 

Again I think the people are not informed of the outcome of the aftermath, as to the kind of punishment given to these criminals so that it will be a deterrent to others who may think no action takes place.

Our prisons are full up to absorb them so I suggest they should be executed by firing or eliminated by hanging from the system after they are found guilty. Ask why should Atta Aryee be wasting our scarce resource in condemned prison.

Most people in our communities know very well the criminals among them because they leave with us, but for fear of victimisation these people have kept silent complaining to the police.  

I have heard most people say some of our police officers cannot be trusted because some of them work with these criminals. The criminals share their butty with them for their protection. It was rumoured that some high ranking police officers were on the pay list of armed robbers. That tells you why the public has kept quiet.

In as much as we are thinking of resourcing the police and allow them to wear bulletproof clothing and hold guns may help but my fear is that some of this equipment may eventually end up in the hands of these armed robbers so the police themselves need to be advised to refrain from those behaviours

Finally periodic training programmes to bring our police personnel to contemporary policing based on ‘best practices’ can add value. I love this quote of Napoleon “The world is suffering a lot not because of bad violent people but because of the silence of the good people”

I think the Police Command in the country should be hanging ‘half flag’ by now. May all the killed Souls of our peacemakers rest in perfect peace.
Sir, Sir

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