THE SHAME CAMPAIGN-Ghana beyond corruption agenda

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All previous governments have failed to deal with corruption in Ghana because the black man’s definition of riches is by far different. “Amassing worth irrespective of how it is made and where it comes from” They thought the best legacy one could leave was to have plenty buildings, fat bank accounts and investments in foreign land to avoid traces. They mistakenly felt that, it gives them recognition. It is a shallow mindedness. I respect the African leader who leave undented ‘name’ – they are mentally ‘pure but black in skin’ and I don’t care what reasons one assigns to this statement.
I still salute the mortal remains of Dr. Kofi Annan among other few leaders who qualifies and fits into my true definition of a ‘genuine African riches’ – ‘pure but black in skin’.

His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is pursuing Ghana beyond a digital aid, health aid, educational aid, food aid, transportational aid, mention them, however we still need to address corruption to complete the aidless country we are calling for. Those ‘ little particles’ who have mistakenly found themselves in this government will not find space to operate.

It is unfortunate that our politics has gone beyond democracy into ‘monecracy’ where everyone would like to steal to sustain his/ her position politically but ask yourself is that the only means to win political power? I don’t believe so.

I am more than convinced that a politician who has once upon a time, ruled this country lack the credibility to say ‘no to corruption’ and therefore his inability to think and initiate any meaningful social intervention policies and programmes made him the worst impotent leaders we ever had.

” There is no chance of correction of mistakes, for the seat of governance is like an examination of leaders – when you are declared failed you go and come no more, though parties that are dynamic will be revolving around governance power”

Let us all get involved in the crusade against corruption by first redefining riches and stop giving respect to the ‘stealers’ in society. I maintained that any politician and civil service worker found guilty of corruption should be jailed with hard labour, particularly to be made to sweep the cities like other prisoners are doing, with an inscription printed boldly “SHAME” at the back of their prison clothes. This is my input to deal with corruption which I call ‘The Shame Campaign’.

I don’t know the human rights implications of that, I leave it for the law makers and humanrights activists.
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