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The mystery of Ghana political power’s propaganda

“If you lied that your home keys are missing, no one else than you will sleep outside”. This is one of our traditional proverbs the underpin lies. Go and tell them the sheep you saw is a cow, go and tell them your have constructed most of our roads, go and tell them you have built 100+ Day Community Secondary Schools.

I was searching for the meaning of “propaganda” but couldn’t find it, so I thought I could consult “so called” Prophet Badu Kobi who is a research fellow to assist me. I am very careful with my choice of words because if one mistakenly used “research” It should come with: (Introduction; Literature Review; Research Objectives and Questions; Methodology; Findings and Analysis; Conclusion before Recommendations). Let us leave the Research Academicians’ tools and terminologies for them and concentrate on what is in the Holy Book as a Pastor or Prophet. These days some Pastors are behaving like “All knowing”. It is not their fault anyway, because most of our TV stations are using them for talk shows and programmes that would have required professionals in those fields. It is hard time our politics will be based on facts and issues and not scandalous propaganda to only crave for power we can’t manage.

I am never too worried because with time free education concept and the other intervention policies implemented by NPP government will help flush out those who can easily be deceived with tricks and lies, of the propagandists.

The future is bright, so I say. My prayer is for Ghanaians to have the patience for My Man and Nimdie Hene to govern this country for the next 5 more years.

The NPP is on course though, we still need the opposition for checks purpose but not evil ploys and sabotaging to project to some Ghanaians that the NPP government is not doing well.

When they refuse to effectively deliver as opposition, we shouldn’t be worried because Kennedy Agyapong alone is better than the whole opposition in terms of constructive criticisms that help our government thread consciously.

Comfortable Lead will always land you into opposition if it will be born out of lies. Let the NPP government strengthen our immigration system and get those Nigerians who are not doing anything meaningful in the country out before it is too late. Birth and Death Department should strictly be put to 24 Hours daily checks.

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