Konkonte Politics in Dome Kwabenya Constituency

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So many people have different names for KONKONTE depending on age group, and social class among others. Face the wall; black lapeeto; the horror; lapeewa; abetie etc. My economics teacher described it as a staple food, cheap to buy, and fast to digest.

I witnessed some claims at the general meeting of DKC last Saturday, 14 th September 2019 when all the big wings (Coat of three Colours) in the constituency were present and we had the opportunity to listen to Hon. Adwoa Safo which took almost One and half hours for her to summarise what she has done in the constituency.

Superb, Superb, Superb was the only remarks which came to my mind. However I made some observations which I described as KONKONTE politics: -” they respond to different weather conditions with different colours; they give different taste and impression based on the soups, and became difficult to swallow because there was no okro”.


  1. The decoration of the head table was in the national colours though the programme was purely partizan, We didn’t see the NPP colours at all.
  2. The coordinators were shocked to learn that 1000 of the NABCO officers were taken from this constituency, so quickly they did rough calculations to ascertain that at least 55 officers should have come from each zone.
  3. While the noise to cheer up my Queen was coming from some few sections of the house those who reacted to the triumphant entry of Junior Oquaye was artificially planned but worked into perfection.
  4. While my Queen was talking about developmental projects she has executed: roads; classroom block construction; clinics; market; sponsorships to abroad; scholarship; motorbike; taxi cab; masloc; jobs for the boys; which she tendered documents of proof, My chairman talked about contracts given to the constituency and he rathher proposed accounting to the house after final payment has been made, but people wanted him to tender all contracts documents in evidence as ‘My Queen’ did.
  5. Relationship management has been poor so far in DKC, though the Coat of three Colours emphasised on fact that Executives are at peace with each other. I realised it was a ‘cosmetic relationship’, they pretended they were one, the aftermath has shown that it was far from truth. Some people have criticised the Ghs 20 given out at the youth conference, others condemn the 1 bottle beer Junior promised to offer and accused one Executive as behind disclosure of what seem to be true fact.
  6. It came to light that the distribution of the constituency cake has not been shared fairly. And that some people are milking the breast of our Queen too much, if it is not a deliberate attempt by the Queen to breastfeed some people alone.
  7. To me what bothers me is the lack of budget for the communication team. ‘My Queen’ said she gave out 10 phones to the communication team. In fact she selected and gave out phones to only her personal communication officers and not the constituency communication team. It was only Merchant who had one from the communication team. Be advised that communication is the wheel that carries the vehicle.
  8. Again I think the research team is not working in DKC, and it has denied the constituency from taken our fair share of government grants for 1D1F and RFJ. Please there are good research people who can offer great project proposal for considerations.
  9. In totality Hon. Adwoa Safo has done well and I will give her 70 percent so far but she needs a strong ‘marketing communications’ which will strategically package her achievements to the electorates and delegates in the constituency. She is also advice to address collectivity rather than selectivity.

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