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Re: JM and JD declared Asanteman as l..r – a taboo at the highest level

An unpardonable mistake has been committed by JM and the NDC again. This is what I was referring to when I said JM is politically knowledge bankrupt. I wrote the part 1, but he decided to score an own goal to write the part 2 to make my work easy in this exercise of brainstorming. My lips are heavy to attach that four letter words to my King.

“Once you touch the Asante Kingdom you have touched the eye of our Ancestors and you don’t go scot free” The kingdom itself is big. it has wide representation in various regions in Ghana and beyond. Have you ever heard in history that a Former Prime Minister of UK has made such remarks about their Queen?. JM has ended his political career, for history, records has captured it.

Let us as people of Ghana and Asanteman say no to JM but let it not spark any mayhem among ourselves, for the devil cometh to steal, kill and destroy. He has exposed himself as agent of destruction. He needs deliverance. These are the doings of the Lord for I have said it, that whoever plan evil against My Man will witness the wrath of God. The Battle is still the Lords.
Sir, Sir

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