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I trust this letter reaches you in good health. Before I proceed, I would like to cease this opportunity to congratulate you on your appointment as Chairman to the Governing Council of the University of Education, Winneba, home of academicexcellence. 

Sir, since this is my first letter to you, I will try as much as I can to keep it simple and short to enable you quickly peruse through. Before you even hold your first meeting tomorrow, I believe you might have read numerous publications from events that preceded your appointment to this position, the lessons of which I will entreat you to take seriously as some elements in the University have diabolical missions to create an empire around the public institution. Unfortunately, these elements have already begun strategizing on how to get you in their net to do their bidding, I hope you won’t disappoint H.E. the President Sir?

It is now an open secret that an appointment of a Pro Vice Chancellor has been made on the blind side of your Board without regard to the rules as stated in Statutes 7(b,d) of the University. For the avoidance of doubt, I would like to quote thestatutes as enshrined ‘A Pro-Vice-Chancellor shall be elected by convocation and appointed by the Governing Council. In the event that the Pro-Vice-Chancellor is temporarily absent or when the post is vacant, the most senior Dean shall act until Council is able to make a formal appointment’.

I will not mention names as it stands now, but the said appointment has been scheduled to be presented before your council for approval, which subsequently would be a further endorsement of the illegality being perpetuated by the masterminds behind this act. 

Again, the individual appointed to the position of Pro VC is not the most senior Dean nor has she been appointed by Convocation as required by the statutes above. 

Until the appointment of the current Vice-Chancellor by the previous Governing Council, to his present position, he was the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and functioned in both capacities until March 2018 when he nominated Prof. Kagya Agyemang, Principal of the College of Agriculture Education to act as Pro-Vice-Chancellor. It is worth noting that he was not a Dean at the time of appointment. For one and half years he had to double up.  Prof Kagya Agyemang should have written to notify the Chairman of the Governing Council of his decision to step down (statute 7f). 

In September 2019, the university community was informed of the appointment of Associate Professor Ruby Hanson as the Ag.Pro-Vice-Chancellor of UEW. An Appointment that has been objected to on numerous grounds, key among which include:

It is highly irregular for the Vice-Chancellor to appoint the Ag. Pro-Vice-Chancellor in the manner he did. Appointment to the said position lies with the Governing Council.

There are other members of Faculty who are also on the Professorial rank and are senior to Associate Professor Ruby Hanson who was promoted to her current rank in May 2016 and has served in the capacity of a Dean for only one year in her entire career in UEW. She is therefore very junior to some professors in UEW. Our contention is that she lacks the needed experience and exposure to occupy the high office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor. Per the statutes of UEW, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor chairs a number of Boards and Committees and acts in the absence of the Vice-Chancellor. As such, the seniority rule as well as the experience factor which are very critical in appointments in universities should not be overlooked. 

It may interest you to note that as a result of the numerous irregularities perpetuated by the current Vice-Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Anthony Afful-Broni, we have relatively junior members of faculty superintending over their senior colleagues. Due process should be followed and convocation allowed to nominate the Pro-Vice-Chancellor.

Without proceeding further, I will entreat you to take steps to revers these irregularities currently being perpetuated at the University to restore discipline and order to the university management. 

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Stephen Nani

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