Sexual Harassment Is Wrong – Gender Minister

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Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Cynthia Mamle Morrison is advising men to use appropriate means to win the heart of ladies that they are interested in dating them.

Her comment comes at the back of the recent BBC ‘Sex for Grades’ Documentary which was aired early this week.

Taking her turn at the meet-the-press series on Wednesday, October 9 here in the national capital, the Gender Minister emphasized that sexual harassment in any form is wrong and should not be entertained in any way.

She said, “Sexual harassment is wrong. A man sees you and scratches your hand, what does that mean? He sees you and hits your butt, what does that mean? We cannot do that to men when we meet them. So everywhere it happens, whether in the classroom, in the office or at home or anywhere it is wrong.”

The Minister advised men to be polite and always use appropriate channels to woo the heart of ladies if they are interested in them and desist from using their positions to take advantage of unsuspecting young ladies.

“If you are interested in a girl, propose to her. If she likes it, she will accept. If she doesn’t like it, she goes away and you go away. You go and look for another one,” the Gender Minister advised.

Two Ghanaian lecturers, Prof. Ransford Gyampo and Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor were captured on video making advances at their students.

The almost one-hour documentary captured two lecturers at the University of Ghana in compromising situations with undercover journalists who had posed as students.

The University of Ghana subsequently issued a statement late Tuesday interdicting the two lecturers pending investigations into their conduct.

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