The Glorious Hour of Brexit (Part1)

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Three years ago, with the referendum of June 23, 2016, the British
people decided with a percentage of almost 52% and with 71.8% participation
the exit of Great Britain from the European Union. This great result was
undoubtedly the first major, painful defeat for the under German-controlled
European Union of banks and multinationals.
However, the exit of Great Britain from the European Union, which was
scheduled to take place on 29 March 2019, given the fact that exactly two
years before had been activated the article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, which
allows members-states to leave the union, ultimately it did not happen
because of a failure to reach an agreement with the Brussels establishment.
And no agreement was reached because of the arrogant intransigence of the
Brussels conclave, which is trying with abundant overweening to humiliate
Great Britain and thus use it as a scarecrow to other countries wishing to
escape the German prison of the European Union.
According to statements by new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Brexit
will happen definitively on October 31, 2019, either with an agreement or
without an agreement. And this because an irregular Brexit is preferable to a
bad deal that will obviously work against Great Britain and the British people.
At the same time, this act of exit, which will liberate Great Britain from the
shackles of the European Union, shows, on the one hand, full respect for the
will of the British people and on the other hand conflicts with those who are
trying in various ways to delay or even cancel the proud Brexit.
It is more than certain that with Brexit is not going to be the end of the
world for Great Britain as it did not happen when it chose to stay out of the
eurozone. And, as eminent experts say, the British economy after a short
problematic period will be significantly strengthened from a competitive point
of view. So there is no doubt for any perspicacious observer and analyst that
in the medium and long term, Great Britain, which will fully regain the ability to
pursue national policy in all areas, will prosper out of an undemocratic and
highly bureaucratic plan in which Germany has a dominant role.
However, the supporters of the stay of Great Britain in the European
Union essentially want the British people’s will to be annulled and the
referendum thrown into the trash following the result of which did not cause
any immediate economic crisis as they were warning. So they are constantly
sowing terror, assuring that the consequences of Brexit without a deal will be
nightmarish and chaotic, much worse than even Hitler’s bombs. So they are
talking about developments and events that will even endanger the same the
unity of the country, huge deficits in food, medicine and fuel that will lead the
British to rush like the crazy people to supermarkets, gas stations and pharmacies, “blackout” at ports and airports of the country, destruction of
British businesses, decisive blows to the exports and the financial sector,
particularly negative impacts on the tourism industry that will transform travel
plans millions of people in a hell of delays, cancellations and bureaucracy etc.

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