Let’s Enforce Geo-science Law – Dr. Akwei Ankrah

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Ghana Institute of Geo-science today launched the international Science Earth week 2019 at Legon, Accra. The day which was launched to promote the effective use and Protection of the earth surfaces and also to regulate their respective practices and to promote the welfare of its members, without prejudice and to protect public interest, natural resource and our environment.

Speaking at the launch is the general secretary of Ghana Institute of Geo-science Mr. Akwei Ankrah who explained the need to protect the earth surfaces.
“We have limited the enforcement of various laws in respect of permitting regimes for the mining sectors and we have allowed people to do things without following the due process”.
“We will therefore soon call on the government and law making bodies to make sure anything that have to do with the earth surface should have guidelines that needs to be followed”.
” The legislation will also make sure before a building is erected there should be the presence of a  Geo-science professional”.

He further stated that the recent flooding we are experiencing is as a result of improper arrangement of settlements and erecting of buildings on drainage trucks.
” The recent flooding is as result of buildings on wet or lower lands without the necessary recourse that if I block this section of the land when it rains it can result to flooding”. “Therefore if we have the necessary legislation and it is enforced nobody can excavate without the necessary permit”.
Mr. Ankra concluded by saying the activities of borehole drilling companies, illegal mining and stone quarries should be streamlined and make sure they obtain the requisite permit and their areas of activities should be inspected by a Geo-science professional before they begin work.


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