We Need Quality Lawyers, Not Mass-Produced Lawyers – Chief Justice

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Legal education in the country for sometimes now has become a talk of the day over the demonstration and agitations of Laws students in the country. The Chief Justice has reiterated her stands on legal education in Ghana.
According to Justice Sophia Akuffo, it is better to have few qualified lawyers to many with compromised quality.

Speaking on the topic ‘Questing for Excellence’ at the 2019 University of Ghana Alumni Lectures, Justice Akuffo told the gathering “a good lawyer for each Ghanaian is what we deserve. Not lots of lawyers.
For emphasis, she added, “I will stand here again and say we need quality lawyers, not mass-produced lawyers”.

Insisting on her stance, the Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo said the status quo may not change soon.
This time she used limited infrastructure and the questionable character of persons who apply to study law as justification.
“When the examinations started, even interviews, you would be amazed at some of the machinations that were discovered and reported, a number of impersonations were revealed,” she said.
She therefore urge to all eradicate personal sentiments, personal weaknesses but work to achieving personal excellence to produce excellent results in personal life as well as in the institutions and national development.


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