AG Get Cars and Office Renovated

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The office of the Attorney General under the Ministry of Justice has been given 16 cars and have their office renovated.
The cars which is believed will help maximise productivity will be distributed to all regional offices across the country. The cars, 10 will be distributed to regional offices, 3 in the Greater Accra offices and 3 will be in the office of the senior attorney.

Speaking at the forecourt of the Ministry of Justice, The Attorney General of the Republic of Ghana Hon. Gloria Akufo said, ” Soon after I assume office, we put together a program to go round all our offices in every region, so we can know the situations on the ground ourselves particularly because all the regions have office in their regional capitals people have to travel long distances before going to work”. Upon the visits the problem were not just cars but we realised offices are leaking, inadequate furniture and they’re lacking basic needs like computers and many more”.

The Lawyer further stated that, the process started before she assume office and it was an idea of her predecessor.  “I must say that this process started before I assumed office so we did a follow-up with the ministry of finance and we realised that there was some money left in the account from proceeds in excess of about 900,000 USD of which my predecessor had made a request to utilize for procurement for our work”.

Madam Gloria Akuffo also made it clear that, it was not true that her office was involved in bribery and corruption as the media speculated but rather bodies needed to hear of the exact money and what is being used for are aware.
” When I assume office, I was informed that my predecessor wrote to ministry of finance asking to be allowed to use the money, I then followed up and reminded the ministry. I did follow ups personally and by telephone and I was given the assurance that we’ll be given approval for it and am happy to tell you the approval ultimately arrived”. So it is out of that that the vehicles you see behind me were procured. These vehicles may not solve all our problems but will ease our work.

The Attorney further explained that, that part of the money was use to renovate their washrooms in the ministry. “Regrettably when I assumed office, almost all the toilets in head office were closed because they were broken down and had not being worked on. The sad thing is that an attorney need the use of a bathroom and they have to go to the nearest facility or a hotel just to have a use of a bathroom”. Am happy to announce that all our bathrooms are now fixed and open”. She stated.

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