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Pollution is a major treat to human health and as part of government’s initiative to stop the menace that possess major health implications, one of the main areas to look at is plastic waste management.

The UN family are here today to clean this beach in support of the UN
Secretary-General’s efforts on climate change and to raise awareness about
plastic pollution in Ghana. Small as this may look, their presence and effort
will send a strong message that we want to see a clean Ghana.
The UN marks 74 years of the coming into force of the UN Charter.
The theme for the celebration in Ghana is “A Clean Environment for
Healthy Living: Our Collective Responsibility” directs our attention to the environmental challenges such as sanitation, plastic pollution and climate change we face and offers an opportunity to reflect on what we can all do to tackle them.
Sanitation, plastic pollution and climate change threaten the progress and
achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In Ghana, sensitization efforts continue across the country to ensure proper
sanitation practices. This has led to a marginal increase in the proportion of
households that have access to at least basic sanitation services. We need to
sustain this effort. Community led total sanitation approach have worked in
some countries showing that communal efforts is required to ensure open
defecation free society.

Speaking at the cleaning up exercise at the beach today is Ifeoma Charles-Monwuba who is the head of United nations offices for projects and services (UNOPS) said, “We are here today in support of the Secretary general’s commitment to banning single used plastics.We are deeply committed to this and we’re taking actions in our offices, making sure we’re using cleaner energy and banning single used plastics in our offices schools, homes and communities to ensure we influence those around us to do same.
So we’re here today to clean this beach to demonstrate our support for government’s initiative to reduce plastic pollution”.

Also speaking is Hadia Gariba Project Engineer UN representative and HSSCE in Ghana. Our being here is to sensitize the community of plastic waste we have been generating. Plastic has been a great menace in our environment now and government is doing much to curb that menace and the UN community is also doing what we can to sustain our SDG’s. UN as a body has sustainability behind all that we do as part of the activities that we do in the office so that we’re utilizing our resources efficiently and that’s the objective behind the green community”.

She therefore encourage all to embrace the use of ceramics in homes and gatherings instead of plastics plates,cups and cutlery sets to help reduce the menace of plastics pollution.

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