Let’s Help Groom the Youth – Angela Dedo Kofi

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One of the main reasons of education is to acquire knowledge and skills. Education is not complete with knowledge without skills. This is the main reason why Adeko Minds and Niche Expressions come into help equip students and equip them to face the working world and the future.
Speaking at the fourth conference is Madam Angela Dedo Kofi who’s the founder of above named organization to help prepare graduate youths in skills and capacity building to face the working world.
“I believe it is important to build mindsets and  leaders because I think that is what is lacking in our universities and tertiary education in the country. What we really need is people with mindsets and people that can be leaders in our community. If people go thorough the University and haven’t been through any experience that can help them on how they step into the working world it’s become a worry. People complete universities and sometimes don’t have relational skills. Some cannot write emails and all this is a worry” She stated.

Madam Angela Dedo who is also an alumni of the University of Ghana also state that,
“Considering all these things we have our network section and we teach how to relate with others, how to enter a room and work the room, and also how to be able to make the best out of yourself”.

The entrepreneur is also calling on all to help build and prepare the youth for the future and call on institutions and cooperate entities support. “This is our fourth conference and I believe we have been able to build mindsets, some of them are giving testimonies of how the conference has  helped them”.
“I’ll therefore call on all especially government to support in grooming andnd building if mindsets amongst the youths”. She added.


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