Focus on Dome Kwabenya Constituency – The Man who Made the Difference

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I count myself lucky to be writing this history today because it is an opportunity to add my name to this project. I am so excited about my association with such a knowledgeable man of God and politician who is being inspirational to all walks of life.

If I say “knowledgeable and inspirational” it is even an understatement. This means words can’t describe his character and acumen. The question that comes to mind is who is Prof. Mike Oquaye?

His track record speaks alot : The brave man who accompanied Prof Adu Boahen and Mrs Mary Adu Boahen to deliver the Danquah Memorial Lectures which broke the “Culture of Silence”

Lawyer of Distinction, both at the Supreme Court of England and Wales and Supreme Court of Ghana.
Man of God – Reverend and Baptist Pastor who continue to give glory to God.
Political Science professor and formal Head of Department of Political Science, University of Ghana.
● International Fulbright Scholar, (1997)
●International Rockefeller Scholar, (1993)
●British Council Award Winner (1992)
●International Authority on Global Conflict
●Founding Member of Danquah Busia Club (1992)
●Founding Member of NPP (1992)
●Member of NPP Constitution Drafting Committee (1992)
●First Greater Accra Regional Secretary of NPP (1992)
●First NPP Constituency Chairman for Ga Rural (1992)
●NPP Spokesman for all TV Debates, (1992, 1996, 2000)
●Co-author of “The Stolen Verdict” (1993)
●Accomplished Diplomat – Indian High Commissioner
●Accomplished former Minister of Energy
●Accomplished former Minister of Communication
●Author of Party Empowerment & Party in partnership with Government
●MP Dome Kwabenya Constituency 2005 – 2013.
■ Party Aparatchiki and Coach

In fact, I am tired typing all about this man so I think, I have to continue in my next episode. A good time with the Professor and Reverend. As a “Speaker of Parliament” will follow as I unfold the history in its sequential order. I hope you have learnt something.
Sir, Sir

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