Child Right International Demands Completion of Solely Proposed Library Project

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In dealing with the deteriorating conditions of the children’s libraries across the country, the Ghana Library Authority submitted a proposal to SSNIT to fund the construction of a new purpose children’s library in Accra.

Speaking at a press conference held in Accra, the executive director of the Child Right International, Dr. Bright Kweku Appiah, pointed out that this was initiated due to the poor state of the children’s libraries in Teshie and Kaneshie in Accra.

The time of the approval of the proposal coincided with the 50th anniversary celebrations of the SSNIT’s existence.

According to him, the proposal was accepted and considered as part of the monumental activities SSNIT would carry out in making its anniversary and a show of their commitment towards its Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

He reiterated to fact that an agreement reached between SSNIT and Ghana Library Authority on the proposal for which SSNIT agreed to earmark almost 4 million dollars for the project. Roles in the agreement included the following; the construction of the building, furnishing, stocking of the solely purposed library with books and modern equipment.

Adding that the Ghana Library Authority is to provide the site for the construction of the facility and recruitment of staff upon completion of the project.

Dr. Kweku Appiah, said base on the agreement between SSNIT and Ghana Library Authority Board, Trustlib board was established to oversee the implementation of the project.

The project, which was completed three years ago, is fully fitted with air conditions and disability friendly. It has a mobile library, conference halls, a recreational area with Astro Turf, first aid room, a first aid room, state of the art disability friendly, toilet facilities, a computer room, offices, a large parking space and waiting area and a power plant.

However, SSNIT suspended the activities of the TRUSTLIB Board for it to carry out audit on expenditure made so far on the project.

According to him, the understanding was that after the audit, SSNIT would resume its commitment towards the children’s library project.

Currently, no communication on the report of the audit and resumption of work on the project has been sent by SSNIT to Ghana Library Authority and the fate of the TRUSTLIB is now known.

Even though the library building has been completed, other commitments have not been done since the suspension of the project.

Child Right International (CRI) believes the initiative from the onset was a laudable one. It will be the first SOLELY PURPOSED children’s library in the country, which is fulfillment of the country’s constitutional aspirations for the welfare of children under the Article 28-37.

He laments that consequently, CRI expert a firm commitment from SSNIT towards the completion of the project as a way of responding to the best interest of children as provided for in the children’s Art 560.

Additionally, it is important that the Ghana Library Authority recognizes the project as theirs and commit itself towards the realization of its objective by all the things that matter in the process.

Child Right International believes that it will be a sad day in the history of this country if this laudable project is abandoned. Wisdom dictates that the project is completed and handed over to the Ghana Library Authority as it would be the actualization of the constitutional requirements for the welfare of children in the country and a meaning of CSR.

Story by Carlos Afanou

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