Public Lecture By The Bible Society Of Ghana Held In Accra

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Story by Dominic Ghansah

Public Lecture, themed: “The Bible and Politics” has been held at the Osu Presbyterian Churrch, Accra, today, 6th February, 2020.

According to the speaker on the programme, Very Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey it was important the church participate actively in politics of the country

He said there was the need for the church should lead, and that the life of Jesus Christ also demonstrated the church’s involvement in politics.

And that there was the need to recognise that governments had been put in place by God, yet those were supposed to be under the authority of God.

He charged the church to pray for their governments.

And that the Christian should take pleasure in laying their taxes to bring about economic development of their countries.

Again , he said the vumnerable in society should not be neglected, and it was the responsibility of the Christian to take care of such even as God cared to all mankind.

He said the Bible could be used wrongly for political purpose, and the church must know the truth.

“Our political live should be conducted in such away the good of all is paramount. We must not be partisan and we must always stand for the truth.”

As a such weshould not sit down and pray only, and so it was time for Christian’s to play educational role in the Ghanaian politics.

“We need to use the bible to disciple our members that is the way we lead”.

To vote without reward for the person you judge most worthy, to speak no evil of the person you voted against, to take care that your spirit did not sharpens about those who voted for the other side

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