CSOs In Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development Launched

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Story by Dominic Ghansah

Civil Society Organizations in Research and Innovative for Sustainable Development (CSO-RISE) has been launched today in Accra.

According to Mrs Diana Acconcia, the Ambassador of the European Union to Ghana, the projects cover three main areas at the same time: agriculture, climate change and social protection.

She said that their overall objective is to improve the living conditions of the communities in selected districts across the country.

Ghana’s agriculture and fisheries sectors offer great opportunities to lift rural communities out of poverty. This can be done in a way that prevents climate change and protects the environment.

This programme therefore fufils the two main objectives of the EU cooperation in Ghana such as job creation especially for young people and the transition to a greener development model.

These projects will promote sustainable businesses, circular economy and improve the quality of life of the communities, and they hope that they will contribute to the identification of innovation and climate smart practices.

To achieved it’s objective, the programme will rely on Civil Society Organisations. The 4projects that have been selected following a call launched last year will be coordinated by:
_Action Aid Ghanna
_Cooperazione International Sud Sud
_Centre for Local Government Advocacy and
_Cerath Development Organisation

The projects will be implemented in 48 municipalities in 9regions of Ghana (Bono, Bono East, Northern, North-East, Savannah, Upper East, Upper West, Central and Westen regions)nurhe total EU support for the implementation of these projects is 7,3 millions Euros. On top of this amount, the CSOs and partners will contribute with around 20% of the total costs of the projects.

The projects will focus on nurseries, Shea butter, honey, cashew and beekeeping, ginger and fish value chains.


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