NDC Is not a Party for Opportunists

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I am next to lead the NDC if He steps Down tomorrow”- Henry Kweku Bortsie

Henry Kweku Bortsie otherwise known as Dependable has served notice that if Lawyer Victor Yankson steps down as it’s been speculated, he would step in for the NDC.

Dependable was the opponent of Lawyer Victor Yankson the legally elected parliamentary candidate of representing the National Democratic Congress at Effutu constituency. He lost the primaries to the embattled parliamentary candidate Lawyer Victor Yankson with a margin of 34 votes.

He has since advocated and campaigned for his opponent after their primaries.

Unconfirmed news has it that, a section of the NDC folks believe once Victor Yankson was formerly NPP, he can’t be made to lead the party against Lawyer Afenyo Markin, the incumbent Member of Parliament for the Effutu Constituency who obviously has won the love and admiration of everybody in the constituency due to his hardwork and commitment to the people of Effutu.

This news has made Henry Kweku Bortsie very confident that once the NDC party does not need any intruder to lead them into the 2020 elections, he is the next in line and the best person.

He explained that ” I am a true NDC and contested for the primaries. He beat me with just 34 votes. Today, if there is any opportunity, I am the best person to lead and not anyone. Our party deserves better in order to face Afenyo Markin.”

The NDC in Effutu is currently struggling as a result of their inability to choose someone to equal the standards of Hon. Lawyer Afenyo-Markin, and whether Henry Kweku Bortsie, Lawyer Yankson or Kofi Annan as their Parliamentary candidate, Lawyer Alex Markin and the NPP seem not bothered.


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