NABCO Trainees Call for additional Features in New Payment System


The Coalition of NABCO Trainees called on Management of the Nation Builders Corp Program to include some additional fittings into the newly introduced payment system, a system which is expected to be used for stipend validation effective next month.

According to a statem not released by the Coalition of NABCO Trainee and signed by Nana Barimah Asamoah, the group also requested for the inclusion of a Chat box to serve as a complaint channel for Trainees to augment the already existing channel of phone calls.

CONAT further recounted how some district coordinators intimidated Trainees by not validating them for reasons other than non submission of time sheets. According to them, Personal Sentiments, Non-payment for Nabco Cloth tailoring fees, refusal to Purchase Times sheets and absenteeism at District Activities had affected trainees at differences at times, resulting in the nonpayment of their stipends.

The Trainees have also served notice that it will in the coming days organize a meet the press to put out some other important issues to the Public.

Full Statement Released by the group…


Official Communique


Nabco Matters Arising and CONAT Meets the Press

CONAT commend Management for deploying a new payment sytem which we believe it’s a step in the right direction vis-à-vis reducing the post-payment argy-bargy, lingered since the inception of the program.

In fact, reflecting on the recommendations made by CONAT in the early months of the payment challenges, we will say, the adoption of the online validation system has been long overdue.

Notwithstanding, we propose additional fittings which if carefully considered, believe will bring up the standard of transparency and tranquility trainees expect with the new system.

  1. Pre-payment validation Status before post-payment history This will inform Trainees whether their validation was successful for payment or not, so that in odd cases where any trainee is remarked to forfeit the monthly stipend, if he/she isn’t satisfied with the specified reason, an ample time will be available for such Trainee to internally resolve with the coordinator for the status to be corrected before payment is finally made.
  2. Chat box which allows trainees to directly file complaints to the Headquarters. Even if there should be pre-paid access to this service in order to curtail unnecessary abuse by users, it’s acceptable.

CONAT is much concerned with this development because from the obvious cases we compiled from the district level, we realized that setting aside; trainees data discrepancies, inactive bank issues, a major cause of arrears wasn’t trainees failure to submit certified timesheets but, a deliberate rejection of timesheets by coordinators in instances ;

a. Of personal sentiments against trainees

b. minor cases where trainees failed to afford Nabco cloth tailoring

c. refusal to purchase sold timesheets

d. absenteeism in activities organized by the districts

Hence, this functionality will supplement the helplines which most of the time aren’t accessible by trainees and would help to timely position the welfare officer to mediate in such cases to ensure sanity in the validation process.

We must admit legitimately that the new payment system has no direct effect on the arrears backlog already created, hence, its configuration into the portal shouldn’t be perambulated in a manner which hinders the immediate settlement of arrears due trainees because honestly, victims are suffering.

It is our maximal appeal that Management sticks to the pressing issues on arrears, and obviously rely on the available data to pay the affected ones as soon as possible before the progressive system adjustments.

We admonishes all Nabco Trainees to remain resolute to our quest to fostering accountability of the program, and equally putting up hard work, attitude of punctuality and honesty at their various institutions.

CONAT is happy to inform all trainees that in pursuance of our declaration of 2020 as Action Year, we have outlined activities which seek to empower trainees in our preparedness towards the exit pathways.

Among the activities include:

1. The launch of Nabco Trainees Enterprising and Innovations, seeing the piloting of CONAT App Virtual Mall and fundraisings, support and partnering business oriented by trainees to explore in enterprising.

2. The Upcoming MEGA CONAT PRESS CONFERENCE seeks to first offer gratitude to His Excellency for the initiation of the scheme, hammer on the challenges trainees have experienced, stress on the system improvements and importantly appeal for permanent consideration for Nabco Trainees in the ongoing recruitments.

Please every Trainee here should download the Telegram App, register and subscribe to the CONAT platform for us to collectively get interactive and discuss the activities outlined.

CONAT is the true reflection and advocate of trainees Welfare. Togetherness, we shall achieve the Best.

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Nana Barimah Asamoah Patron Coalition of Nabco Trainees

Samuel Nyarko
Vice President
Coalition of Nabco Trainees

Frank Mensah
PRO, Coalition of Nabco Trainees

Nana Takyi
Secretary, Coalition of Nabco Trainees.

Thomas Gyamerah
Organizer, Coalition of Nabco Trainees

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