Nii Banner Bids Gold Track Students Well Upon School Resumption

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The Parliamentary Candidate for Odododiodioo Constituency, Edward Patrick Nii Lante Bannerman, bids the students of Nii Banner Evening Classes well in upon their resumption of school.

The evening classes, which has benefited over 200 students of both gold and green track has been one of the educational interventions initiated by the Member of Parliament hopeful, Nii Banner.

Speaking to the students, Nii Banner urged them to take their education as their top priority to ensure their future aspirations become a reality. ‘We are grateful to His Excellency Nana Addo for implementing free SHS in his first year of office, a sign that education is his topmost priority.
We all grew up in this community, giving back to you in this manner is my goal because education is one of the surest way we can change the status quo in this community’ he said.

The students were geared with motivation and were elated to have Nii Banner to fraternize with.

Raphael, who is one of the students made his joy known to the gathering. He said that he would encourage everyone to partake in the classes because the teachers are of top qualification and experience and also, engage them in motivational talks to encourage them aspire for greatness.

Each student was given a Mathematical set and Exercise Books to take back to school. The students thanked Nii Banner for his benevolence and overwhelming generosity and promised to study hard when they get back to school.

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