Afenyo-Markin Donates 200 Streetlights and 3000 Bulbs

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The Member of Parliament for Effutu, Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin, has made donations of 200 street lights and 3000 bulbs to his constituents in all electoral areas.

The donations which are being given to all the assembly members for onward distribution to the constituents are aimed at making sure that old but dead street lights are replaced.

The bulbs are also to replace dead ones in the homes of the constituents.

More importantly, the donations are to help in the protection of the people from people who may want to take advantage of this lockdown to cause trouble.

The donations of bulbs and street lights follow similar ones the Member of Parliament makes periodically to help in the security of the constituents.

He has charged the assembly members to ensure that the bulbs are given to those who need them irrespective of which political party a person belongs to.

The street lights are to be fixed at areas where they are mostly needed, assembly members have been charged.

The well-being of the Effutu constituents is paramount to Afenyo-Markin, hence his strive to secure these items for them.

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