Where is Afful Broni When Universities Are Donating to Their Towns In This COVID-19 Era?


Coronavirus hit the world cold in the groins, economies have had to shut down, recession of the global economy is in the offing, countries are on lockdowns with very little hope of the deadly virus leaving the world.

Ghana Government has taken stringent measures to contain and to ward off the virus with a lockdown and measures aimed at keeping Ghanaians safe.

Education on the virus and the precautionary measures needed to keep citizens at bay have been ongoing. The general public has been advised to wash their hands and use hand but alcoholic based sanitizers. Hospitals, Polyclinics and clinics are being resourced with Personal Protective Equipment to not only keep the frontline workers safe but to give same to the general public for usage.

Hundreds if not thousands have donated to the COVID-19 Fund and other health centers across the country. Universities, both private and public, have not turned their backs on the towns and cities they operate from as many have made huge donations so far.

The only exception to this group of institutions that have made donations towards the eradication of the COVID-19 pandemic is Afful Broni’s University of Education.

Arguably the richest tertiary institution in Ghana with branches in Kumasi, Ajumako, Manpong, Techiman and even Nigeria, UEW has the financial muscles to easily contribute more than its quota to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

For reasons best known to Afful Broni and his lieutenants, making donations to Winneba or the hospitals and health centers therein is a taboo.

KNUST, University of Ghana, University of Cape Coast, UDS, UPSA, the Takoradi Technical University and other institutions have all made donations towards this fight.

Afful Broni is only interested in doling out the University’s resources to fund the campaign activities of an independent parliamentary candidate now NDC candidate instead of showing the indigenes of Winneba that the University has been beneficial to them.

Being a man of God, many had expected to see a magnanimous spirit in Reverend Father Anthony Afful Broni than what he is doing.

Winneba, it would appear, may have the University of Education on its lands, but the benefits accrued to the institution, Afful Broni has determined, should never be their lot to enjoy. Winneba typifies a house owner with a tenant taking over the affairs of the house.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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