Power Hungry, Lair or Simply an Ignoramus? It Gets Confusing

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James Kofi Annan disrespected the Presidential ban on inter city travels after he managed to deceive officers of our security service claiming to be on journalism duty by presenting his journalism membership I.D. yesterday, Thursday 16th April,2020 for Pass, only to appear on GHOne Television to spew lies.

It is our resolve that he must be brought to speed as far as issues on COVID-19 and its fight in Ghana and Effutu is concerned.

He began by saying he’s the leading voice in Effutu as far as education on COVID-19 and its fight is concerned. We can only laugh because no single individual or institution can claim to be the lead in education on COVID-19 except the World Health Organisation and Ghana Health Service.

Unlike him who branded a few bottles of hand sanitizers and veronica buckets for donation, the Hon. Alexander Kwamena Afenyo Markin has donated more than necessary several gallons of hand sanitizers, veronica buckets, PPE’s, among other logistics including cash to the Municipal Health Directorate and other institutions without coughing about it. This erodes the impression he sought to create in the studios of GhOne Television.

He was also heard saying the government is violating the rights of citizens by imposing restrictions on movement between some selected cities. It’s laughable how a supposed lead person in the education of this fight be heard saying this. It does not only expose his ignorance but again shows how hypocritical he his.

For his information the president has signed the E.I. imposing those restrictions.

For him to say but for John Mahama, state institutions wouldn’t have any PPE’s for use is only a figment of his imagination.

That hypocrite should abreast himself well before going on such mediums to expose his ignorance. The national youth organiser of NDC and other NDC national executives joined the national organiser and youth organiser of the party in government, that is, Sammy Awuku and Nana B in Accra to share food in certain communities. So where did they demand for party cards for giving people food.

The government won’t use free SHS money to provide free electricity for him to run his restaurant and radio station to make profit at the expense of the poor. In any case, the free SHS money has already been disbursed before this problem.

This busybody should be told to get his facts right and be current with affairs happening in this country.




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