Ninja Dress Code is the Best to Reduce COVID-19 Spread

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It was the only feasible option left for our President – to lift the partial Lockdown due to considerations of the “pestle forces” particularly the fragile financial and economic position we find ourselves. And I also think the scientific researched statistics informed his decision.

It was the wish of the some people to have a total blanket Lockdown which would have crippled the economy – creating hunger and it’s likely socio-polical unrest.

Notwithstanding the lift of the Lockdown, it will be in the best interest of individuals to still observe the ban on social and certain commercial and political activities.

This, infact will be difficult for some Social class “C” group of people. Some of our youth may hit the street in ecstacy forgetting that COVID 19 positive awaits them the next day. Others may quickly leave our cities to their home towns and villages to spread the virus.

Our cultural practices as indigenous Africans has been wash off : greetings, eating together, dashes, etc. Our extended family system is the next on line to collapse since we are promoting self – dependance. The heavily affected sector to suffer is Tourism and Hospitality. (ie, transport industry, food services, hotels industry just to mention a few)

It looks funny when you see the theme of this write-up however it should be emphasised that our dress code has to change and in the immediate short term government and security institutions must enforce compliance.

The NINJA way is advisable – meaning wearing the PPEs at all times. Social distance markings of our public shop malls, commercial stores and its immediate waiting enclaves will be helpful.

Let us quickly mount Corona test Post at our inner barriers to do Corona Virus test on all travellers and passengers as one of the measure to curb the exportation and importation of the spread.

Beware, the next killer is stigmatisation, that alone will discourage people from voluntary testing. On a more serious note let us be mindful and support government commitment to fight this pandemic.

No political game please. Sir, Sir says so.

By Ntim Gyakari aka Sir, Sir

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