How Will life Be As a Teacher?

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Good day my dear colleagues in the teaching fraternity. I trust we are all managing and keeping ourselves safe during this period. (Covid-19 pandemic). As a young teacher, I have been thinking about few things during our stay at home and I will like to share them with you in this writing.

After independence in 1957, the strong government commitment to developing human resources led to the establishment of more teacher training colleges to cater for the increase in demand for teachers created by the expansion in school enrolment rates. The history of the development of teacher education in Ghana is often based on ad-hoc programmes to meet emergency situations and needs of the education system. As the needs of basic education have changed over time, this required more institutional training to upgrade the level of teaching.

This led to the introduction of Teacher Certificate
‘A’ certification.
Between July 28 and August, 1997, a Teacher Conference was convened at Winneba to discuss and suggest a policy framework to guide the development of Teacher Education in Ghana the next few years. This led to the abandonment of Certificate ‘A’ certification to Diploma. The 3year Diploma in Basic Education Programme was introduced in 2004.

Thirteen years after the introduction of the 3year Diploma in Basic Education, the programme was abandoned. This led to the introduction of 4year Bachelor of Education programme at the various University College of Education and a licensure examination upon completion in 2018.

This background(revolution/changes in our educational system) prompted me to write about these two key issues

  1. I have observed during my few years of teaching that, some teachers find it very difficult to abreast themselves with the growing technological world. Thus the use of devices such as Computer, iPad, Smart Phones and others. Others also find it very difficult using applications such as WhatsApp Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype etc. Some even find it difficult to teach basic ICT concepts in their class. The big question now is; Will you be able to cope and teach very well when a new educational system(E -learning) is introduced, when Covid-19 gets to a level where we cannot go back to our traditional classroom again for teaching and learning? How well are you resourced in the use of technological devices? Get ready! There is going to be a revolution in our educational system. Take advantage of the time you have now to upgrade yourself to meet the new era. Consult colleagues, enroll yourself in ‘computer school or courses’.
    Remember that change has come and there can be a change in our educational system.
  2. Also, I’m aware you have contract with the Government of Ghana. It will also be very difficult for the government to terminate your contract or appointment. This may lead to legal issues or ‘going to court’. You should never think you are secured with your job. Have you ever thought of loosing your job? Now, the question is: How are you going to live your life when government terminate your contract or appointment? How long will you survive when government decide to pay part of your salary or nothing at all in the coming months as a result of the rise in the cases of Covid-19 and government’s expenditures?
    Let’s rise to start thinking about our plan B.

• Note: I did not write this because I don’t have faith in God. I really have faith in God. I’m already aware that with God, all things are possible but remember what the Bible said in Proverbs 21:5a(Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity -NLT version).

•May we find this post very useful as we go about our daily routine. Thank you.

Kyeremeh Edward
GES – Ga West Municipal

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