NDC lacks a Good Candidate – Peter Mac Manu

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Campaign Manager for the NPPs 2020 general election, Peter Mac Manu blamed the NDC of not having a good candidate which to him is the reason why the NDC is vehemently fighting against the compilation of a new voters register. 

According to Mr. Mac Manu, NDCs approach of threatening a civil war if a new Voters’ Register is compiled reveals how weak their Flag bearer is and has decided to count on a voters register and voter management system which the Supreme court had discredited in 2012.

In his opinion, the compilation of a new Voters Register is not a new phenomenon in Ghana’s Democratic process and questioned why the NDC was against the compilation of this new register.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Ghana has compiled a new register in 1992, 1996, 2004 and in 2012. The EC has compiled a new Voters Register in every 8- years” he stated.

The Party’s campaign manager also questioned the motive of the NDC against the compilation of a National Identification system, since they as a party have an ID for every party member. 


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