NPP Constituency Secretary Vows To Match NDC Boot-For-Boot

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Constituency Secretary for the Governing New Patriotic Party in the Akontombra Constituency Mr. Harry Addo a.k.a Ogyaba has disclose that the NPP will much the Opposition National Democratic Congress in Akontomra constancy Boot for Boot with developmental projects ahead of the December General Election. 

According to Him, the NDCs 12 year rule over the Constituency has not benefited the people as it should and has left them rather worse off. 

“The NDCs representation in Parliament in the last 12 years has left us 16 years behind in development compared to constituencies in the country where members of the NPP were in charge. 

Mr. Harry Addo touted the massive development taking place in the Constituency saying “that there is no community in the Akontomra District which has not benefited from the NPP government since it assumed office in 2017”. 

He also recounted projects which were uncompleted under the erstwhile regimes beginning 2007 to 2016, abandoned by the NDC government have all been tackle by this current administration. Some of such projects according to him have been completed, while a few other others are at various stages of completion. 

“I wonder what would be the campaign massage for NDC in the Akontomra constituency”.

He further called on other NPP constituences to unite and teaming up with their MPs, MCE and DCEs as party members and executives to share ideas and focus for a common goal in other to bring more developmental projects to the people who gave them the nod to lead them because, “together we stand as a Party”.

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