NDCs Own Press Conference Confirms Akuffo-Addo as Best Manager of COVID-19



Again the NDC has affirmed through its press conference on the 1st of June that president, H.E NANA ADDO is indeed managing the COVID 19 situation in Ghana very well and the president is really having the good people of Ghana at heart in taking decisions on COVID. 19.

In their usual hastened press conference to denigrate the president after his address just to take off the shine and people’s attentions from observing religiously the safety measures announced by the president, the NDC led by their fame seeking communication officer ascribed the compilation of a new register to be the underlying reason for president easing of the restrictions which is absolutely false! Laughably, because deep analysis did not go into the press conference, they could not notice that, making COMPILATION OF NEW REGISTER the sole basis for easing the restrictions rather extols the president.

Going by the NDC’s conclusion i.e ease the restrictions, put in international best practices safety measures for churches and mosque to go on, final year students at all levels to complete and allow the E.C to compile a new register so as to conduct elections is logical, better and people centred! 

It is because, the alternative which the NDC is hypocritically clamoring for i.e tighten the restrictions to stop the E.C from compiling a new register but ease it on 7th December for elections is purely inhuman and worse! It is only the wicked minded NDC who will think restricting the people now but releasing them to vote on elections day is appropriate. Globally though the number case count is increasing, yet restrictions are being eased because the virus has come to stay and so life must go on. Ghana’s case is also not different and so with the scientific measures in place life too must go. We cannot kill ourselves just because the NDC do not want new register. 

Ghanaians deserves better and the NDC must treat Ghanaians with respect. Ghanaians have had enough of the hypocrisy and wickedness of the NDC; if it is not good today, it is not good tomorrow.

God save Ghana, the alternative is indeed empty!


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