Bishop Agyinasare Did Not take a Loan from GN Bank


The Administrative Bishop of Perez Chapel International has debanked media reportage and publications suggesting that its leader and founder, Bishop Agyenasare applied for a loan from the Collapsed FirstTrust Savings and Loans and the GN Bank.

According to Apostle Raymond Acquah, the publications of the Information he refered to as “ridiculous and mischievous” being circulated on social media and on some unsuspecting news portal are fake and being perpetuated by persons he refered to as “attack dogs”.

In a clarification of the reportage, the Apostle stated that Bishop Charles Agyinasare was once a Board Chairman of the FirstTrust Savings and Loans Company, but never applied nor receive a loan from the company neither before, during or after his tenure of Chairmanship of the Board of FirstTrust Savings and Loans.

The statement further stated that neither the Bishop nor the Perez Chapel International has applied or recieved a loan from GN Bank or the FirstTrust Savings and Loans Company, urging the media to disregard the publication .

It further urged persons circulating such lies a

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