Nigerian Government warns Ghana, Threatens to Retaliate if….

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Following the enforcement of Ghanaian laws on foreigners living and doing business in Ghana, the Ministry of Trade and Industry has been enforcing the GIPC act 2013, requiring compliance from all non-Ghanaians trading in the country.

The act, requires that non-Ghanaians engaging in trading enterprises in Ghana, whether in a joint venture with a Ghanaian or in a wholly foreign owned entity will be required to meet the capital requirement of USD 1 million.

In the act, “Trading Enterprise” is defined as “purchasing and selling imported goods or services.”

Many foreigners, mostly of Nigeria origin do not meet the requirements under this act. This has over the years created some tension between Nigerian and Ghanaian traders every now and then. One major complain by the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) over the years is the domination of foreigners in the retail space, and calling for enforcement of the GIPC Act, 2013.

With the recent strict enforcement regime put in place, many foreigners who were found to have been in breach of the act have had their shops closed, with the Ministry demanding full complainace from such traders for their shops to be reopened.

This, seem to have gotten on the wrong foot of the Nigerian Government, isueing a strong statement to Ghanaian government and describing the situation as “incessant harassment” and acts of hostility” towards Nigerian Citizens.

In a Facebook post, the Nigerian Government is threatening to apply same level of treatment to Ghanaians loving in Nigeria, who according to Nigerian authorities are not being subjected to any form of “harassment”.

“Nigeria has time after time demonstrated its fidelity to the long cordial relations with Ghana. But indications, especially in recent times, are that Nigeria’s stance is now being taken for granted and its citizens being made targets of harassment and objects of ridicule. This will no longer be tolerated under any guise,” it warned.

The Nigerian Government also stated that it is considering Serveral options to ameliorate the situation, as it no longer Intends to tolerate the Ghanaian authorities.

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