Revealed:Tobge Afede Constulted for Ghana Gold Company in 2010/2011

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Togbe Afede has described as “shrouded in secrecy”, the Agyapa deal, which was blessed by Parliament in the Minerals Income Investment Fund Act, passed in 2018 and have all related agreements made available to Parliament. 

This is very rich and, excuse me to say, hypocritical! 

For over two years, from 2010 to 2012, Togbe Afedi and his company, SAS Securities, were transaction advisors for Ghana Gold Company, the vehicle that the NDC attempted to set up to hold and manage all our royalties and carried interests in our gold minerals.

Togbe attended the meetings himself and as you can see, he signed for the per diem himself! 

“Shrouded in secrecy?” For two years Togbe Afede’s company served as transaction advisors for Ghana Gold Company, illegally, without going through the public procurement process. He thinks that was ok? How much was he paid?

For two years they tried to push all our gold receipts to a company (against the advice of AG Martin Amidu) and up until this week, Ghanaians were not even aware! This is not secrecy for Togbe Afedi! 

This is double standards borne out of pure hatred! It is simply sad! 

See how “pained” he says he is for a positive fake news that alleged he had condemned John Mahama’s tribalist remarks. So who is the protector of tribalism here? Ghanaians know better and Ghana will rise to glorify the Almighty God. Amen!

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