The Inconsistently Consistent Liar

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Mr James Kofi Annan is gradually becoming an amophus deceptive character. He has gained the accolade “Inconsistently Consistent Liar”.

First of all, Mr Annan says one thing today and contradicts himself with another thing the next day. A lot of inaccuracies flow from his compendium of lies.

Mr Annan claims in a radio interview that he had been a member of NPP since 2008 and in another breath claimed he supported Mike Hammer of NDC in the same year. The question is was Mr Annan a mole in the NPP?

This same person surfaced later in 2019 and announced his resignation from the NPP whilst he had initiated earlier in 2018 the Winneba is King political movement. This is clearly a case of deception.

This same person betrayed his friend Lawyer Yankson by recording him on tape, got his naked videos, and further used same to blackmail him to resign as the NDC Parliamentary candidate for Effutu.

He is the same liar who made wild allegations against Hon. Afenyo-Markin, that the the MP was behind his criminal trial, and when he was put to strict proof in a defamation suit , he chickens out claiming he made those wild allegations out of his personal conviction and not of verifiable fact. He failed to provide proof of his allegation against the Hon.Member of parliament for Effutu. 

The court after the entire proceedings ordered him purge himself by rendering an unqualified apology and awarded damages and cost of Ghc 25000 against him for the said disgraceful conduct.

The latest Falsehood he is on record to have peddled, is his claim that, the criminal case against him at the Winneba District court has been dismissed, when in actual fact the trial was truncated for want of prosecution. At his age he does not know that, when a trial is truncated for want of prosection, it does not in itself amount to exoneration.

When a trial is truncated for want of prosecution it simply means the prosecutor can relist the matter when he is ready to prosecute. This is how inconsistently Consistent Mr James Kofi Annan is Lying to the people of Effutu he seek to serve

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