I wish I could Trust You, John Mahama


In 2012, we were told that a certain vice President was responsible for a single digit inflation and a 14 percent growth rate recorded at the time and touted as unprecedented.

Ghanaians believed that story and voted for the Vice President.

Exactly two months after he was swarn in as President, in his first State of the Nation’s Address, he told us that they had eaten all the flesh and it was left with bones. Meaning, our economy was on the brick of collapse.

Suddenly, the magician who gave us the “unprecedented” economic indicators has been made President and we couldn’t even feed ourselves. Our Nurses and Teachers couldn’t be paid their meagre allowance because we had eaten all the meat and left with the bones. Capitation grant, contractors, feeding grants and Serveral statutory payments were in arrears. We couldn’t provide jobs for our youths, we couldn’t manage our books that we had to take our proposals to Uncle Ben for what we called “Policy Credibily”

Today, the man is back again and wants to manage our affairs again. We are just asking a simple question. A simple question of why we should trust him with that past.

Why should we trust him to be better? Some have said he has some written book called a manifesto but I say he had that too in 2012, yet he did everything out of the manifesto, what is the proof that he won’t repeat that?

I want a man I can trust, not a book or manifesto that can be written by anybody to seek power.


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