Ursula, NPP Campaign Team Paints Streets with NPP Paraphernalia

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The recently inaugurated NPP campaign team in the Ablekuma West has increased the Party’s visibility in the Constituency by posting NPP flags, posters and paraphernalia on the street of Dansoman.

The Youths from Zongo communities also joined by hoisting the flags and distributing flyers of their newly launched “Ursula Owusu Yaayi” group.

Complementing this with a House to House Campaign, the youths led by the Member of Parliament moved into homes, taking their message to residents for a renewal of the the Party’s mandate.

“If you vote for Ursula and Nana, there will be more development in the Constituency”, they assured.

They also distributed nose masks and sanitizers to the people of Abelakuma Wast to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus and stay safe.

Speaking to Topnewsgh.com, Honorable Ursula Owusu MP for Abelakuma West and Minister of Communication said “we are happy to be here and we are sending this exercise to every part of the District,every hole and every house in this Constituency”.

She also recounted that the Ablekuma WEST Constituency is an NPP zone, therefore, the Party’s strategy was to remind those who were not sure of their continues existence and presence through their campaigning activities. She also expressed her appreciation to party members who were devoted to ensuring that the party retains power on December 7.

“From here we are going to knock on ever door and tell them why they should vote for me Ursula Owusu and His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akofo-Addo, 4 More to Do More”, she announced.


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