Open Letter to NDCs Kosi Kedem (Fmr MP, Hohoe South)

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Dear Kosi Kedem,

I bring you warm greetings from my abode, Pokuase in the unitary state of Ghana.

To say that I’m disappointed in you over your unrepentant and unconscionable support for the Western Togoland secessionists/separatists is an understatement.

In fact, I’m not only alarmed, but highly outraged over your disparaging comments suggesting that Ghana does NOT exist legally; however, for a very good reason, I’ll restrain myself and choose my words carefully.

How on earth could a former Member of Parliament of Ghana state emphatically on a national television that, “legally, Ghana doesn’t exist?” This is clearly an attack on the constitution of Ghana.

Are you serious, Mr. Kedem? Now, if your argument is anything to go by, then you equally perpetuated an illegality by superintending over the people of Hohoe South Constituency as a Member of Parliament for twelve [12] good years in a ‘non-existent’ Ghana.

As such, Ghanaians demand from you a refund of every salary, emolument, allowances etc that the Republic of Ghana paid you while serving as a legislator.

To put it mildly, your argument holds no scintilla of truth __it’s baseless, senseless, unwarranted and divisive to say the least. Need you be reminded that utterances like yours in an election year have the tendency of plunging this peaceful country of ours into a state of anarchy.

While I entreat all well meaning Ghanaians to ignore and jettison your appreciation of this matter into the Korle Lagoon with the speed of light, it’s also important to state for the records that the May 9, 1956 plebiscite which preceded Ghana’s Independence status solved every puzzle relative to the territorial boundary of this country. Ghana is a unitary republic!

It is therefore absurd, weird and nonsensical for anybody or group of persons to get up and seek to rewrite the history of Ghana with this Western Togoland independence nonsense!

At this stage I do not want to believe wholeheartedly that the NDC on which ticket you served as an MP shares in this unpopular position of yours. Accordingly, Ghanaians expect the party to disassociate itself from this treacherous comment.

As to whether you’ll personally retract and apologize, I leave that to your own good judgement. Alas, posterity will judge us all.

Assalamu alaikum

Sir-Obama Pokuase
No. 345 Baobab Street

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