J. J Rawlings and His Legacy to Ghanaians


Jerry Rawlings is dead and the whole country is mourning, but instead of members of his party to mourn the man deservedly, they are all saying “we need to win this election for him”, seeking to win sympathy out of this for themselves.

Is this insensitivity, greed or just wickedness. Well if we care to know, I think Jerry Rawlings Does not actually care about who wins the next election or maybe he does, but he will be very happy where ever he is going to see Ghana continue with his biggest legacy of Constitutional Democracy and safeguarding institutions, strengthening them to uphold his principles of Probity and Accountability.

Rawlings’ biggest legacy for us as young Ghanaians who are 40 years and below is the 1992 constitution and his biggest decision to allow for peaceful transition at a time he could have altered the constitution to allow him to continue his reign as President and leader of the country as many of our neigbouring leaders of his time did and are continuing to do.

I do not care what party he formed because that party has not lived up to the principles Jerry Rawlings stood for. That party and its subsequent leadership have consistently fought the founder and disrespected him for raising alarms of thievery and deep corrupt practices under their administration. Now, they want to seek sympathy as though they revered him. Thankfully, we all saw and heard things that were said about the Former President and his wife by characters he described as “babies with sharp teeths” who today wants to clamor and solicit sympathy out of his Demise.

Well, sorry for them but we have seen what they are planning and know what will make Jerry John Rawlings a happy man, and certainly winning an election is not part of it. In any case, his role of Former President, was acknowledged more under the Akufo-Addo administration than when his own party was in power.

My final words to those who were challenging his founder role can now have everything to themselves, bacuse after all there is nothing to challenge or fight him for again.

Good Morning from the Mountain Top.

Written by Stephen Nani


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