Efuttu MP Cautions defeated NDC Candidate

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The NDC candidate must be arrested for inciting violence. At the collation Centre on election night, Ndc had the following as their collation agents; Mr Ato Bortsie, Lawyer Victor Yankson and Big Eboes. After collation of presidential results, lawyer Yankson raised objection so the process started all over again till 6am on Tuesday when all the Ndc agents agreed to final results. Mr Ato Bortsie who is the Director of elections then signed the final declaration of results.

On the parliamentary collation it was done in the presence of Lawyer Yankson, Dawda and Mr Ato Bortsie. They were supported by 2 other ndc agents. After the final collation, Mr Bortsie feeling satisfied with the entire process signed the final declaration and thereafter I was declared as the MP elect. I must emphasize that while I was at the collation centre the whole night to supervise my agents, the NDC candidate was conspicuously absent throughout the entire process.

Prior to going to the collation centre, I was a counting agent for 5 centres and in auditioned supervised the counting of other polling stations. I made sure I had all my pink sheets before proceeding to the collation centre. The NDC candidate must spare us his emotional outburst on his Nyce Fm.

Politics and elections are for serious people and not lazy guys who have a sense of entitlement. Notice is hereby served, that should the Ndc PC refuse to apologise to me within 48 hours, my lawyers will proceed to court for redress.


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