Ghanaians are tired of Politics as Usual – Alban Bagbin

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Speaker of Parliament of the newly constituted 8th Parliament has ad iced members of the house against doing the bidding of their parties against that of the national interest.

In his first speech to the house on the first sitting of the eighth parliament, Rt. Hon. Speaker recounted the situations of a no-majority as a clear message of “Enough is Enough”, and no expecting business as usual.

Mr. Bagbin believes that the situation of 137, for both political parties and one independent in parliament is a message to the political class and a call to chart a new path and embark on new ways of transacting Parliamentary business.

“I believe the people of Ghana, in voting as they did in the last election, have signaled their frustration with and disapproval of the ” Party First” mindset and the associated unbridled partisanship and partisan polarization that have taken root in our politics and are giving out option of multi-party democracy a bad name”, he advised.

The speaker further expressed his appreciation of members of the ruling party for the support and bipartisan approval of his position as speaker of the house.

Hon. Bagbin further added that Ghanaians want their country to prosper and live up to its full potentials and use its resources to deliver opportunity and hope for its people. A desire he believes Ghanaians are entitled to.

Speaking to the incident of 7th January 2020 on the floor of Parliament, the speaker referred to the conduct of members as despicable and unbecoming of honorable members, adding that there was no justification or reasonable excuse for their behavior.

“As Speaker, I would like to believe that the spectacle of that historic day would not be repeated. Certainly not on my watch. I take a strong exception to such conduct and behavior and urge leadership to take a serious view of it and take a necessary measure to restore the lost dignity of the August house”, he advised.

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