IMPRAC Launches New Website

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IMPRAC a non -governmental organization holds a Forum and Launch of a new website today, Thursday 21st January 2021 at Mensvic Hotel-Accra

The program was featured by high profile personalities and experts in the fields of migration, Labour human rights, and more

Ms. Matilda Kudafa , Director, Operations of IMPRAC, launched the web site and gave full details of IMPRAC and their visions.

According to her, International Migration Policy Recruitment & Advisory Centre (IMPRAC) is a Non-Governmental
Organization established to support the implementation and achievement of the Global Compacts on Safe,
Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) and Global Compact on Refugees (GCR), the UN Agenda 2030, and AU
Agenda 2063; taking into consideration the Migration Policy Framework for Africa to inform and guide
migration policy discourse at the regional and national level.

IMPRAC is a private Recruitment Agency registered with the Labour Department of the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations of Ghana to assist with ethical recruitment of international migrant
labour per the principles of International Recruitment and Integrity Standards (IRIS) to prevent the abuse and exploitation of migrants whilst ensuring the well-being of migrants and their families.

IMPRAC was established in 2019 by retired Ghanaian international Civil Servants from the United Nations,
International Organizations, Ghana Foreign Service, Academia and Ghana civil service with extensive
knowledge and experience in migration and related matters.

And she went on to talk about there vision and objectives,


Provide Policy Advice to State and Non-State Actors, Migrants, and Potential Migrants to ensure that Migration takes place in respect of human rights and dignity of migrants in accordance with international
norms and principles as well as standard operational procedures.


Advice, Guide and Support governments’ responses to international commitments, norms and
principles agreed upon at the global, continental, regional and national levels;

To Provide reliable and timely information and advice to Migrants and Potential Migrants before,
during and after migration cycle in countries of Origin, Transit and final Destination;

To Facilitate fair and ethical recruitment with conducive working conditions to protect the rights of
migrants for decent work;
To provide assistance, guidance and advice on migration matters including Consular services to
ensure compliance with national immigration laws and policies to ensure the well-being and rights
of migrants;

► To contribute to the migration policy dialogue and provide better understanding and correct
narrative to the migration phenomenon at all levels (Global, Continental, Regional, National and
Local) to assist state and non-state actors and development partners in the management of


• Provides timely and reliable migration Information and Advice to migrants and potential migrants to enable them make informed decisions about their migration plans;

• Provides empirical migration data and information to support migration policy development and advice to governments, policymakers, non-State actors development partners and Employers:

• Sharing of experiences, good practices and lessons to contribute to the migration narrative and
policy debate;

  • Advocacy and risk communication on irregular migration, human trafficking and migrant
    smuggling and respect for the rights of migrants;

• Psycho-social Counselling to migrants, returnees, victims of human trafficking; unaccompanied migrant children and victims of gender-based violence and abuse;

  • Building capacities and Training of government officials, policymakers and law enforcement
    Agencies for better migration management;

• Advising on bilateral labour agreements (BLAs) amongst governments and private sector entities
to ensure fair and ethical labour recruitment of international migrant workers;

• Facilitate fair and ethical recruitment of migrant labour to ensure decent work for migrant workers

Facilitate travel abroad through effective coordination, communication and common understanding between Employer, Migrant Worker and relevant partners in the labour supply chain management;

• Pre-departure briefing, information and advice about travel requirements, host country, job description and terms and conditions of contract; (Briefing package)

In conclusion she said everybody can login to there website and seek anything u went to know they are full ready to work with u and make the migrants have full human rights

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