Exceptional Leadership At NIA

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I am exceptionally happy to salute the neat and professional staff at the NIA head office in Accra.
I have gone to many corporate offices including Eni, Tullow, etc, I am yet to see the orderliness, interpersonal skills in practice, well-mannered front desk staff, courteous security personnel at the entrance, and well respected and placed Covid 19 protocols in actual practice. No one beckons you to go to the Covid 19 protocols, yet one can’t do anything at this public institution without respecting the Covid 19 protocols at NIA.

Professor Ken Attafuah – Executive Secretary, NIA

As I sat among customers, as I observed the day work, I saw an example of a Ghanaian public institution that is worth applauding.
I could not bring myself to believe that I was in Ghana and not Singapore or Aberdeen.
There was a particular female staff who will come around and politely approach a new entrant at the office and seek what business brought one there. The amazing part is that she will calmly get the client away from the seating place for detailed information. In less than 6 minutes, a voice will announce the name of a client to a named counter for his or her issues to be solved.
Looking at the neatly arranged canopies on the compound of NIA head office, one is impressed by the staff-customer relationship.
As one enters the main building, the serene, peaceful, and professional environment that prevails at NIA head office reflects a Corporate environment under the remarkable leadership of a Ghanaian professional with extraordinary knowledge, skills, experience, abilities, and values.

Written by Captain Kwesi Eyi Acquah

Published by Stephen Nani


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