NPP Group Demands Unqualified Apology from NIA Boss

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The Alliance For Footsoldiers Advicay (AFFA), has waded into the brouhaha surrounding statements made by Prof. Kenneth Attafuah, Executive Director of the National Identification Authority, referring to comment as an “Injudicious exercise of discretion”.

In a Press Statement signed by leadership of the group, the group reminded Professor Attafuah of the hard work and contribution of party people, leading to the victory of the NPP in 2016, as a result of which he was appointed to the current position. The statement further reiterated that the job of the CEO has no correlation with his law certificate not credentials, yet Professor Attafuah has been appointed, purposely because NPP is in Power.

The statement gave a background how Mr. Attafuah was ” dismissed” after the 2008 election by the erstwhile Atta Mills administration only to be reappointed by President Akufo-Addo in 2017 because of the change of power.

The group demanded an unqualified apology from the Executive Secretary and called on Party Leadership to guard against such occurrances in future.

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