Adios to the Coup Captain of the University of Education (UEW)

FEATURED, Opinions

Fare thee well the Hitler of UEW
Farewell the great Nebuchadnezzar
Adieu the daring Benito Mussolini of your Pope’s home
You are the P. W. Bota of Apartheid South Africa
You created a niche in academia
Where no one ever misconceived the idea
Yes, that is where you made your soothing nest
Safe journey the most loving one!
A salute you Captain!

Farewell great tormentor
You tortured your own kin and kindred
Eventually facilitated the departure of others
You shouted and howled at them
You screamed and insulted them at the least opportunity
Threatened and executed your threats
You shut them out of your office
Bye-bye the most merciful!

Behind you lies Sodom and Gomorrah
Carcasses strewn all over
Broken homes
Missed promotions
Skipped appointments
Ever expanding sycophancy
All credited to your great leadership
Good-bye ordained one!

Politics and politicization indigenized
Ethnicity and ethnicization domesticated
We congregate by party colours
And identified by our location in Ghana and our language
All because you have to survive the illegality
And in order to cover your deadly tracks
Joy to you magnificent comforter!

Bye-bye lover of hate and division
The only man who harbours bile in the mouth
So you can reach your targets without effort
Venom drips from your lips and nostrils
Poisoning every being on your way without provocation
Attacking without fail on the spur of the moment
Bye-bye pure-hearted one!

Adios greatest of all time in UEW
You managed a coup
That never before imagined in academia
You deserve the Order of Volta
Now go home to Asԑmpana-ԑnyԑ
For your kith and kin will loathe you
For presenting them in a horrifying light
Great achiever, we adore you!

You overthrew the most accomplished Vice-Chancellor
That ever reigned in UEW
One that initiated you as academic
Made you his right hand man
Even against counsel of the gods
You mastered Blaise Campaore’s tactics
Used to oust Cpt. Thomas Sankara
You stabbed him in the back
Congrats great one!

The only Academic Coup leader
Of the whole wide world
You hacked and incarcerated the best hands in UEW
Professors, Deputy Registrars, Finance Officers
Lost their value
Within days and weeks
make-shift Professors, Deans directors, Registrars, Finance officer are made
That is what success means

You hunted and eliminated persons
You consider friends of your former boss enemies
One after the other you gave them marching orders
Some to hell; others to Pontius Pilate
Heaven is a no go area
Who say man no dey!
Fare thee well great tactician!

You redefined academic ranks and positions
Promotions means predatory publications
Promotions are now made for appointment into positions
Deans and Pro-VCs need no criteria
Praise-singing and church donations are enough qualification
Promotions and appointments are made to serve your ego
And protect and defend your dirty messy reign
Never for society’s development
Being academic is non-meritorious
But pays to be non-academic
Wow! Thank you for making us Oxford and Yale
As you promised!

Good-bye the fierce one
Who turns sleeping waves into deadly ones
Vast unbroken land into gullies
Turned peaceful UEW into bazooka wielding vigilantes
Five academic Professor-VCs
Never managed to achieve Zero of what you accomplished
In less than four years
Da yie!

Goodbye the apostle of academic poker of war
You turned close friends into enemies
turned close relatives into deadly warlords
Brothers have become deadly enemies
And sisters deadly rivals
turned every department into two uncompromising sides
faculties into feuding factions
In in just close to four years
Great feat!

Adios great one!
UTAG graduated from a constructive giant into sycophants
You managed to Marry GAUA
Simply by the promotion and allowance weapon
You reminded TEWU of the lurking retirement animal
And made her to shut up
And snore even at the employer’s most vociferous meetings
Student leaders are your bodyguards
You do not lack baits
You’re a great fisher of men!

You deserve a trophy
A Special Congregation in Yale or Oxford
Greater than the one rewarded to the roaring Minister
Your mentor the Arch-bishop
Who cheered you on as you tormented innoecent
May wish to recommend you to the Pope
So you become his successor
For your priestly duties have been over-performed
Congratulations, great achiever!

UEW is a standing Corpse
Its system a tilted wooden structure
Surrounded by burning drums of ethanol and gas
Staff walking dead corpses
In deceptive youthful skins
Bye-bye reviver of corpses!
May UEW never see even your shadow!
Fare thee well, bye-bye… bye!
Paԑ yire!
Da yie!

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